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Skin & Hair Care Workshop


Kitchen Treasures from Natures Pleasures,

8th July 2017, Venue: Enterprise Centre, 639 High Road, London N17 8AA. From 12:30-4:30pm. Limited places only £20 in advance available from paypal link below or for alternative payment or enquiries email:

Kitchen Treasures JULY 8 2017 blog

KT shea butter

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Kitchen Treasures

On Monday I was asked by the College of North West London to deliver a Kitchen Treasures workshop as part of Black History Month.
KT NW college 2015 (1)
KT NW college 2015 (3)
It was also a great opportunity to wear my apron that I made at Akuah Rites of Passage Programme. I even had a piece of material left over for a head wrap.
KT NW college 2015 10
Facial Masks

KT NW college 2015 (7)

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

KT NW college 2015 (14)

The young students showed enthusiasm and asked so many questions as they said they had never done anything like this before and were facinated about the process of shea butter that local village women in Ghana make.

KT NW college 2015 (4)

KT NW college 2015 (11)
After a few hours they had made exfoliating salt scrubs, blended shea butter moisturiser and a oat facial mask.

KT NW college 2015 (15)

One of the staff members tested a sample of my shea body smother and he surprised me and said that he had seen them for sale in  Pempamsie in Brixton.

bless Sister E

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An Apple A Day

The apple tree at the back of my garden annually produces very large green apples. Well we have heard the saying ‘An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away. due to apples being rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fibre.

Well, I am not a fan of apples and can recall only using the apples once which I stewed and had with ice cream. Since then they have been given to neighbours, work colleagues, family and friends.

I recently purchased a dress from Gebra of Black Star Clothing which he kindly delivered to my house.  He took pictures in the garden and noticed the apples on the tree. He made an appointment to return when they became ripe and do some fruit picking. He even bought his own bags.

apple (7)

apple (6)

Well at least he made good use of them in his natural juices.

apple (11)

apple (12)

Maybe next season I will pick the apples and make my own smoothies
bless – Sister E

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Skin & Hair Care Workshop

Kitchen Treasures eflyer April 2015

Kitchen Treasures from Natures PleasuresKT

Come and join us – Mix and Blend Shea Butter Moisturisersnaprika shea butter


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Kitchen Treasures Workshop

Kitchen Treasures from Natures Pleasures

Kitchen Treasures workshop sept 2014



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Kitchen Treasures

On Saturday March 23rd with the assistance of friends to also share their natural concoctions to 12 guests we delivered the Hair/Skin Care Workshop/Presentation. During the week I pre measured ingredients and organised handouts and enough jars, utensils and oils, butters, herbs, salts and accompanying products for everyone. At the morning of the workshop I received several calls from people who wanted to participate which is always a good sign that there are interested people for future workshops. Everyone was given a Kitchen Treasures pamphlet where they were able to write notes about each presentation and workshop. At this workshop I was happy to have on the team: Lola, Afiya and Ska who have presented at previous workshops with me and I was glad to be joined by Kemi.

Facial Scrubs
I started the workshop by explaining one of my simple facial routines of a scrub made with oats, brown sugar, honey and olive oil – good enough to eat.


Aloe Vera
I introduced Ska who runs her own business using the Forever Living model and she presented the benefits of Aloe Vera and how the products have benefited her. Within the range there are so many different products from toothpaste, lip balm, conditioner, moisturisers, washing liquids, healing creams and more.


Shea Butter
As an importer of shea butter and make and sell shea moisturisers I gave a presentation of the Shea Butter process which I have been fortunate to witness several times on my trips to Shea Butter farms in Tamale – Northern Ghana. I showed the shea nuts to the guests which many had never seen before and now respect the hard work the women do on the farms. They made a mix of Shea Butter, using either almond oil or sunflower oil as a base, then added an essential oil for added aroma. Although I had whipped the shea butter a few days before for about only 5 mins the consistency was still quite solid, but as soon as the oils where added it became easier to blend.


Top 10 Ingredients & Clays
The next presenter was Lola aka Lola Curls, she has been transitioning from having relaxed afro hair to retaining her natural hair. During her hair transitional journey she has tried and tested many natural based products, creams, butters and oils. Through her research she was able to formulate a Top 10 ingredients listing and their benefits for healthy hair/skin. She also delivered a detailed presentation about Bentonite and Raussell clay which has many deep conditioning properties for hair and skin


During the break we had some light snacks and refreshments and the guests networked with the presenters who were able to continue to answer questions.

Natural Hair Remover
Kemi gave a presentation on natural ways of removing unwanted hair and thereafter demonstrated with a ready made batch of hair remover which consisted of brown sugar, lemon and water which she had previously mixed together over heat for at least 20mins. It looked like sticky toffee and smelt really nice. She took a bit of the mixture and rolled it between her fingers. We all gathered round to get a closer view of Kemi demonstrating the hair removal action on a part of her leg – and yes it really worked. Thereafter Kemi demonstrated the method of threading on a guests arm which I have never seen before and it was amazing to watch how skilful the technique is.


Dead Sea Salt Scrub:
I had found some really nice glass jars with colourful lids that I measured at least 2 tablespoons of Dead Sea Salt. the salt has at least 23 mineral benefits. The guests had a choice of oils such as peppermint, lavender, avocado, almond, and coconut to add to their salt scrub, essential oils for added aroma and topped with rose petals to create a beauty exfoliate scrub.

Herbal Rinses: Afiya who’s business is called Livity Herbs gave a brilliant presentation and outlined the benefits of herbs  as natural remedies to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss and strengthen roots. The guests were given 4 herbs – horsetail, chickweed, nettle and rosewood which they infused into sunflower oil and was asked to store on a window sill for 2 weeks before usage. They were given clear instructions on how to make a herbal hair oil, infused tea rinse and avinegar rinse. She is a wellbeing consultant, herbalist  and sells a herbal range, soaps, moisturisers and African apparel.


At the end of the workshop was a competition where I asked the guests to describe products, ingredients and brand it. There were 3 winners who each received a Shea Body Smother of; Frankincense & Myrrh, Lemongrass or Cinnamon & Nutmeg.

Although it was a cold day and snow began to fall which made the room also cold. But we braved the weather and enjoyed the day as kitchen mixtresses and everyone went home with a bag of goodies that they had made.

Oatmeal Facial scrub
Shea Moisturisers that give a warming glow
Deep Clay Conditioner
Dead Sea Salt scrub for exfoliating
Herbal Rinse that give life to your crowning glory

Appreciation: I would like to give thanks for the support of Felicity who captured the event on film, all the workshop presenters, guests and Jennifer of Akhaya Cookery School for providing a perfect space to conduct the Kitchen Treasures workshop.

I make my own skin care products for sale and am also a ‘kitchen mixtress’ that uses many ingredients and products from my kitchen and bathroom cupboards. I enjoy sharing my skin or hair care routines with other people thats why I started organising The Kitchen Treasures from Natures Pleasures Workshops/Presentation.

To avoid missing the next workshop, ensure your name & email address are on our mailing list. Check regular on our website for up and coming Workshop, Presentations and

Give thanks – Sister E



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Kitchen Treasures – Review



After rushing around for a few weeks to ensure I had all the ingredients the day had finally come April 29, struggling down the stairs with heavy bags as if I have done shopping for the month. The ingredients and utensils where spread out over one large table, as if we were going to have a feast.

The guests made use of the notebook that I only devised the night before with each page representing each workshop. In addition guests were given info leaflets about their presentation.

The group seemed quieter than the previous workshop, paying deep attention to the presenters and focusing on following the instructions so that they could get the right consistency. To get the guest warmed up I started with the honey and oatmeal scrub which was good enough to spread on Hardo bread.

Next the top 10 ingredients were lined up so that Lola Curls ( could explain each benefit in full view – with the first of course being Water. She even had panthenol which I have never seen or used before. Panthenol is derived from vitamin B5, it is found in shampoos and conditioners as it is good for hair repair and retaining moisturiser. Lola loves Rhassaul Clay but I have never used it before, so she gave me some to try  – but I have used Bentonite clay.

10 ten ingredients

I was delighted to have on board Afiya who wowed us with Herbal infusions of chickweed, nettle, lavender and horsetail. If you had not of known what to do with herbs before apart from cooking with them  – then here is an addition.   When I got home I put my herbal infusion rinse on the window sill – waiting for the sunshine (typical British summer) to change the compositions so that I can use as a hair rinse.



The loverly Ska has been a distributor of Forever Living products for many years and her passion for aloe vera showed in her presentation, as we found out that there are so benefits and uses. She even had a competition – but i had not chance in winning as I forgot to give her my comp slip. But I was giving some of the aloe toothpaste which is very nice and u don’t have to use too much – so will definately be ordering some more.

Naprika Stacey delivered Henna and we turned into mixtresses, I didn’t know that there were so many different types and you had to be careful to ensure that they were BAQ (body art quality). Hope I don’t have to wait for Naprika to start her own mobile Henna Business before I try my first Henna experience. Naprika has various utube videos about Henna – check out utube review of her first KT experience.

After making several more products such as Shea moisturisers, salt scubs and faccial masks it was coming towards the end of the day – so onto Competition time.

This time we had 3 winners for the competition – because at the last workshop there were so many good branding and creative descriptions – that I still have the papers– and NO it was not a fix – but Crystal Afro ( )seems to have a stream of luck at events lately as one of the winners of the Shea Body Smothers.


All the presenters delivered outstanding instructions and information about their subject. It was truly a School of Natural Education– it was a long day but the sun came out as we were leaving.

We only have up to 15  guest for the workshops – so if your interested in the next Kitchen Treasures organised then please email

NB: our kitchen Treasures workshop is designed for people to intake knowledge and have fun –  we do not say that our mixtures are cures or potions. We always inform our guests that they should try a sample size on their skin/hair first before making a large quantity.



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HAIR/SKIN CARE -Workshop Review


The kitchen cupboard was well alive with the abundance of colourful natural ingredients spread on the tables around the Rhum Shack at Cottons Restaurant, were our 17 guests and 5 presenters all congregated – all we needed was the beach. I began the event by making 2 facial scrubs using basic ingredients that were good enough to eat for breakfast. Using  oatmeal, sugar, honey and olive oil. The second scrub was a mixture of avocado and honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Our special guest and presenter all the way from Birmingham was Kadian – Ace Your Face. She enlightened us with The Cleansing Method and advice about the importance of moisturising, toning and treatments for problem skin. In addition we welcomed a good explanation of the benefits of Coconut, Aloe Vera, oils and honey and which product are healthier for our skin and hair and which to avoid. On the day we were privileged to make her – now famous – Green Honey Juice Mask – lovely feeling on the face. 

Lecon shared the benefits of Shea Butter whilst we made some amazing shea smothers with base oils and a wide choice of essential oils for that added aroma. Followed by Michelle of Naturally Nubian on the benefits of Bentonite Clay for a deep conditioner for the hair – so we all got mixing and blending with oils and warm water. She also explained the benefits of Vegetable glycerine as a hair spritz which she now makes and sells.

We were enlightened by Afiya abouthair care using herbs.  We made a herbal hair care remedy/tonic using Horsetail, Nettles and Rosemary which are good hair growth stimulators and reduces hair loss. We also added Chickweed that is a good scalp relief for anti itching and dandruff. All these wonderful herbs were infused in a bottle of ACV. Although there are varies herbs that are good for our hair but these are the main common herbs that Afiya recommended for the workshop. We were advised to keep our herbal infusion on a winder ceil for 2wks, strain away the herbs and use the liquid as a final hair rinse diluted with water or alternatively the tonic can be used as a leave in conditioner. Afiya is currently on her final study year as a medical herbalist, and will be wowing us with her herbal products soon.

I informed our guests about the importance of tooth care by taking them back to my roots in Ghana having to ‘chew the sponge’ and watching elders chewing stick that was cut from the bark of a tree. We were thereafter well informed by Lecon about the medicinal purposes of Neem leaf which left a bitter taste in our mouths. We mixed to a paste some bicarbonate of soda with vegetable glycerine and a few drops of peppermint , which we all tasted – with different reactions – to like or not to like – although better for us naturally it will take a while to get used to the taste from the long term usage of conventional toothpaste.

The final workshop was making a foot scrub using dead sea salt, infused with a choice of different lovely smelling natural oils which was complemented with rose petals to add that finishing touch – Give respect to the feet! We ended the event with a competition by asking our guests to name, describe usage, ingredients and benefits of any product made. Here is the Competition winners. PRODUCT NAME: Bentonite Dynamite. Ingredients – Bentonite clay, olive oil and warm water. Instructions: Mix together. Blows dirt out of the hair, cleans hair folicals and attracts moisture to the hair to make it appear smooth and silky…….. What imaginations our guests have.  I have to mention  – Apples & ‘Erbz and Ashanti Rain who were runners up.

It was a refreshing day of mixing, blending, sampling, networking, fun and being educated about hair and skincare ingredients. Everyone went home with all their made products along with a Treasure Bag with samples of Bentonite clay supplied by Pretty Curls (, traditional black soap and cinnamon and nutmeg smother from LEKAN P’ship and Neem leaves.

 A well deserved pampering day for all. It was a pleasure to work along so many educational and talented brothers and sisters. Thanks to Cottons Restaurant for a delightful Caribbean buffet.

We shall be revisiting the kitchen Treasures again to see what nature has installed for us all.


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THE KARETI TREE    (Butryospermum paradoxum, is also called Vitellaria paradoxa)

 Living up to two centuries, the Kareti Tree grows wild in about 19 countries in the African Savanah and mainly in West Africa: Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Mali and Bukino Faso. It bears fruit after 20 years and produces a full crop after 45 years.  The tree can reach a maximum height of 15 to 20 metres and can produce nuts up to 200yrs.

The Shea Tree cannot be cultivated. It blooms from June to July and bears dark green fleshy fruits which fall to the ground when ripe. Each fruit contains a nut with a hard white kernel which is the source of the Shea Butter.  The shea fruit is eaten and the nut is used for shea butter.

EXTRACTING – this is the type of stages the nut goes through in order to produce shea butter. There are at least 9 stages and three different processes. TRADITIONAL METHOD •Shea Nuts cracked/crushed either with a wooden pestle by a special press to separate the nuts and the kernels. There are other methods called. PRESSING METHOD where the shea nuts are pushed and crushed against a metal press which does not involve any chemicals.

                                                                         SHEA BUTTER PROCESS

SORTING –   Separating the nut from the unwanted particles. Shea Nuts are CRACKED/crushed either with a wooden pestle by a special press to separate the nuts and the kernels, before DRYING in the sun then ROASTED through a machine. The nuts are then GROUNDED into a smooth paste and cooled, before KNEADED or beaten adding water until the oil (foamy form) comes up for collection. The oil is washed with water until the colour becomes light grey. Thereafter BOILED in water for a number of hours until the fresh shea butter rises to the surface. The resultant oil is FILTERED and stirred until it becomes a pale yellow/cream or beige Butter. The shea butter is STORED in large gourds to cool, then boxed.


 UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER is pure, straight from nature, crude or cold pressed. The texture can vary from smooth and creamy with a strong, smoky and nutty smell that disappears after applying to skin. colour varies depending on the time the nuts where harvest, which country/region sourced and maturity of the nuts.   The shelf life is 18-24 months when kept in a cool dry place that can be extended by keeping it refrigerated. Shea butter should ideally be stored in glass container and out of direct sunlight. Shea butter is used as an ingredient in soaps, shampoo, conditioners, hair relaxers, lotions, hand and body creams, gels.


Returns luster to skin & hair, dry and split ends –    Evens skin tone  –  Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue.

All-natural hair conditioner-  Moisturizes processed & heat-treated hair  – Doesn’t clog pores & block hair shaft.

Revitalizes, softens & maintains skin moisture  –  Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F – good skin balance

Penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity  –  Nourishes, enriching and toning properties

Benefits your skin by keeping it clear & smooth  –   Treat dry skin and skin blemishes, psoriasis

Quicker healing of small wounds, burns, minor cuts and scrapes  –  Efficient natural makeup remover

Safe to use on babies, children & adults  –  Helps prevent and soothe sunburns – Moisturizes & protects skin & scalp irritation

Soothes sore, overworked muscles  –  Recommended for conditioning animal’s coats  – Excellent natural lip balm

Restore elasticity of aging skin, wrinkles  –   Stretch marks minimisation

PURCHASE –   If you would like a shea butter presentation or purchase our unrefined shea butter which is sourced from Ghana, contact Sister E:

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Meetup arranged by Naturally Nubian

At this meetup I gave a presentation about Shea Butter which included info about The Kareti Tree, Extraction Methods, Process, Types & Varieties, Benefits and Womens Co-operative. To view more detailed information check out:

Also on the day:

*Product demonstration and hair care advice was presented by Hair We Grow Natural, Naturally Sexy and Cecelia Blend.     *During the quizz and game section we had to name the natural oil/ingredient against the description/benefit, name the face against a hairstyle, and answer natural hair questions.  *Very good prizes were won in the quizz which included skin and hair care products, assessories, hair appointment, tshirt and a book.                     *Products and assessories were on sale throughout the day.

It was a very good networking event with sisters and brothers

Warm Blessings to Naturally Nubian for organising this gathering:

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