Conscious Corner

Greeting in the name of the Most High all Bredren and Sistren’s, give thanks to Mother Earth for all the blessing she has bestowed upon us. Give thanks for the Holy Trinity of Man, Woman and Child, 1 in 3 and 3 in 1. Welcome to the Conscious Corner. This corner is for the positive and righteous contribution to the furthering of our knowledge and tradition whether through research or manifesting our-story through our in-born concept, as we are our ancestors, life ever continuous.


 A pure livity through centralisation of word, sound and power will lead to the Redemption amongst us Royal Bredren and Sistren taught to us by the Right Honourable Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Unity is strength and we can all unite as it is Life’s Vibration that creates Heat, Air, Water, Light and Sound that fuels every man, woman and child’s Temple.


On this Corner we can unite different thoughts as “Each One Teach One” & “Greater is the God Within than the god of the external world”. Through these teaching we need to disregard all negative external teaching and look within. Through Free spirit feel free to contribute any positive thoughts that can bring it back to how we were one as the only book of truth is The Book of Life which manifest all things righteous. The Book Of Life could never be re-written or tainted and it points us to the east, to the King and Queens of Past and Present, the Glorious Creators of Creation.


If we are speaking of Knowledge, Education or Natural Resources to name a few. Africa is the Breadbasket of the world so we need to look to HER for the black redemption. Free Waterway now and now, let every man reside under his Own vine and Fig tree and govern himself so he only work for the benefit of his nation building what will benefit him in years to come and stop building another man future promising nothing to our future generation. Once again Welcome all Brothers and Sisters to the Conscious Corner.

Blessed Love!