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The Calabash Hub fosters the principals of Afri-Centered learning to link and inspire like-minded people of African and Caribbean descent to gain knowledge and empowerment through historical, political, cultural and educational information and events.

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September 13, 2023

Banana Island

Banana Island is off the Coast of Yawri Bay in the Western area of Sierra Leone. It is a group of 3 islands made up
September 6, 2023

Hair and Beauty Show

Over the weekend attended one of the biggest beauty and hair trade shows in Ghana – HIBS Africa (Hair Senta International Beauty Show). Over 100
August 28, 2023

Anunsah Family Day

With bags packed of snacks, swimwear, and refreshments we set off to grace the streets of Accra. It was a fun but long family day
August 17, 2023


Seeing chimpanzees swinging from the tree tops or minding their own business was a joy on a visit to Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. After a steep