Kitenge Festival
July 12, 2017
Shrouded Mysteries
February 13, 2023

Highlights of Benin Vodou  festival 2024, which takes place annually on 10th January. Practiced by the Aja, Ewe and Fon people of Benin, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria. Enjoyed the cultural dancing and display, spiritual connections, rituals, artwork and learning about the traditional practices.

After a long days journey from Accra to Ouidah in Benin we settled into our accommodation where we would stay for 2 nights. In the morning we went to have breakfast near the main square where we watched priestess dancing

Of course whilst in Ouidah I had to do some shopping, so stopped by the arts and crafts centre – which had moved to the main high street.

It was great to see Mr Emmanuel at his shop where I bought my Mami Wata statue in 2022.

We travelled to Porta Nova the capital of Benin, as this year we wanted to witness the Vodou festival in the village instead of the main town in Ouidah where most tourists gather.

We met Abomah Johnson (Ancestral Wall) and her guests at the village square.

We listen to speeches and watch the spectacular cultural parade and performances.

We were invited to the King of Porta Nova palace as guests.

Voodou means ‘spirit or ‘god in the Fon and Ewe languages of West Africa. Once again, I endured a great spiritual experience from being in Benin.

bless Sister E

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