About Us

The Calabash Hub is a sanctuary that fosters the principals of Afri-Centered lifelong learning to link and inspire like-minded people of African and Caribbean descent to reach their potential, gain knowledge and empowerment through historical, political, cultural and educational information and events in order to endure a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Reaching Across The Divide

The hub seeks to unify people across the divide by exposing places of historical interest to reconnect with brothers and sisters through educational trips, study tools and information. To be given the opportunity to learn through the exploration of cultural adventures to acquire the real taste and hands on experience through visualising traditions, customs and lifestyles. ‘Out of many we are one’

 Sharing Heritage

We at the hub believe that education be the key for empowerment from discovery and applying of knowledge in the community. The exposure and learning of rich and diverse culture to be used to lay a foundation to share experience, wisdom and knowledge and tell our-stories that connect heritage of yesteryears to present times.  ‘‘Each One Teach One’

 Changing Futures

To utilise the Hub as a platform for continuous research and journey for life-long learning in order to self empower, self value, self-worth to diversify and liberate for a sustainable life. To implement new strategies that makes a difference for positive views within our community.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and a community to make a village’