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The Calabash Hub fosters the principals of Afri-Centered learning to link and inspire like-minded people of African and Caribbean descent to gain knowledge and empowerment through historical, political, cultural and educational information and events.

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July 9, 2024


Do you have a sweet tooth ? Sao Tome is blessed with Tamarind trees bearing a sweet-sour fruit.  I went to Tamarindo beach Tamarindo beach.
July 8, 2024

Earthday in Sao Tome

A tropical paradise surrounded by lush nature and emerald sea, being blessed to spend my Earthday (19th June) in Sao Tome. An island country of
June 14, 2024


OMG, So how can a fruit be so big and heavy? The first time I saw a Jackfruit was in Guadeloupe where I tasted it
June 7, 2024

James Barnor

James Barnor born 6th June 1929 in Ghana. After leaving school his teacher gave him a brownie camera where he took his first picture age