We are excited to announce

The  Natural Holistic Expo –  2013
Saturday 20th July 2013 at Conway Hall, London, WC1R
 Health & Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty, Fashion & Culture

This annual event was a great success and attraction to the centre of London in 2012. We educated an entertained an abundance of people all day and evening to which was surely one of the most exciting events during the Summer solstice.

 UZIMA 2013 front flyer

In the evening sit back and relax and be entertained at the Cultural Showcase.

In addition there will be informative presentations, workshops, demonstrations and interactive activities.

The main hall will be turned into an African Market with businesses and entrepreneurs exhibiting a range of exquisite goods and informative services.

 Come and quench your taste buds with fine cuisine from African and Caribbean caterers and vegetarian delights.

UZIMA 2013 BACK flyer

 It promises to be an informative, entertaining and educational lifetime memory that each attendee will take home.


For the opportunity to be part of the Uzima Expo 2013 in the following areas:

Volunteers, Performers/Entertainers, Advertisement, Photographers,
Camera crew, Sponsors, Food Vendors, Exhibitors. 



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Give Thanks

Sister E & Michelle

UZIMA (pronounced oo-zee-mah) is a Swahili phrase meaning spirngs of life, energetic, vitality, wholeness, healthiness & wellbeing