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September 13, 2023
House of Heritage Pots
December 14, 2023

I had the honour of hosting the Conscious Sistars Ghana Cultural Retreat.
10 days of travelling around several regions of Ghana.  

On arrival to Ngleshi Lafaa palace we were greeted with drumming. the priest poured libation for the welcome home and safe journey travels.  

During the Accra City Tour  starting James Town lighthouse and finishing at Independence square. During the walk I shared my Ga background in explaining the Homowo festival, Ga lifestyle, history, food and culture.

We gave thanks to the Ancestors, made offerings at the shrine and lit a candle in the dungeons. A bitter sweet experience as we went through the ‘door of no return’ and cleansed our bodies with herbs.

The next day we travelled to Kakum national park to cross the 7 canopy bridges.

We embarked via plane on a one day trip to Kumasi. The highlight of the day was for Sylvina 70th birthday surprise by dressing her as an Asante Queen Mother. To which she took the role very seriously.

We visited Manhyia Palace museum for some history of the Ashante kingdom, visited Ntonso to learn about Adinkra process and adinkra symbol meanings and stamped.

It was good to see the guest trying their artistic skills at kente weaving.

We purchased some school books at Makola market and donated stationery for a school in Langma. The teachers and students were very appreciative.

The guests really enjoyed the drumming and dancing at the beach. During our sister circle around a bonfire we shared our desires, what we wished to release and manifest. We wind down for the day. 

It would not be a retreat without a spa day  – body massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, sauna, steam, relaxation room.

We ended the tour to Akosombo. But unfortunately unable to go on the boat ride, due to the dam disaster along the Volta Lake. So we played games, reflected about the retreat and ate some lovely food overlooking the lake.

At the end of the 10 day Ghana Cultural Retreat, it was great to know that everyone had a good time with eternal memories of Ghana.

Bless Sister E

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